Cold-Smoked Chilli Honey


Like some sweet with your heat?

We’ve taken our fabulous small-estate runny honey, energised it with the totally moreish kick of fiery-hot Scotch Bonnet chillies and used an innovative cold-smoking process to infuse it all with a silky-smooth smokiness that adds fathoms of depth to the taste.


Most conventional chilli honey recipes infuse chilli seeds with honey at a simmering temperature which adds flavour but destroys the active enzymes in honey that make it so beneficial to health.

We use a cold-smoking process that allows chillies to impart their flavour and heat to the chilli, whilst protecting those enzymes from being destroyed. Each jar is made as part of a small batch, each carefully crafted by hand. The end result is a wonderful tasting chilli honey made from just four simple ingredients without preservatives or additives that is incredibly versatile and so, so moreish.

Try drizzling it over salads, or use it as a marinade for barbecued meats. If you pour it over your pizza you’ll think you’ve gone to heaven – it’s really very special.

227g jar

Ingredients: Suffolk runny honey (97%), Scotch-bonnet chillies, cider vinegar, salt.


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