Suffolk Soft Set Honey


Creamy, delicious and won’t run off your toast!

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All honeys will eventually crystallise (granulate). This is especially true of pure honey and can be easily rectified by gently warming the jar to melt the crystals. However, some flowers produce nectar that when transformed into honey by the bees crystallises much quicker than others. Often this honey will set quickly into a rock-hard state that is difficult to remove from the jar. Spring and late-autumnal honey often crystallises in this way.

With a bit of know-how beekeepers are able to control this natural crystallisation so that the crystals stay small and the honey takes on a creamy, soft texture that flows very slowly but avoids becoming solid. Many people prefer this type of honey as it is easier to spread.

Our soft-set honey is carefully produced to provide a smooth mouth-feel and delicate aroma. It is very, very popular and sells out incredibly quickly so you have to be quick off the mark every year to catch it!