Swarm Collection

Bee Swarms are a natural part of honeybee reproduction. Whilst they can be very noisy and scary, swarms are not ‘gangs’ of bees looking to attack people, but a portion of a colony that has divided off, with their own queen, looking for a new home. Bees in a swarm actually very rarely sting and are not in ‘attack mode’, but it is still wise for members of the public to avoid them so that accidental stings do not occur.

We are registered as Swarm Collectors with the BBKA (British Bee Keepers Association) and hold full Public Liability Insurance, so if you have a swarm of bees nearby you can call us and we will come and take them away.

Swarms typically occur in late Spring between May and July when bee colonies outgrow their hive, which induces the old queen to take half of her colony off so that the remaining half can raise a new queen and continue in their current hive.

The swarming half will form a cloud of bees around the queen and may take several days to find a new perfect location to start a new hive. Typically in the wild this will take the form of a hollow tree or natural enclosure, but often human habitats provide ideal nooks and crannies that bees identify as safe and protected places for their new homes.

If you encounter a swarm we advise that you keep all windows and doors shut and pets inside. Give us a call on 01787 210 946 asap and we will come and attempt removal. We do not charge for this service.

In the case of bees nesting in house roofs or cavity walls it may be necessary for the homeowner to hire a builder to open up brickwork so that we can retrieve the swarm before they cause further damage. It is always best to remove the swarm as soon as they move in, as it will become more difficult to extract them as time passes.