Scented Candle – Bumblebee’s Bottom


Bumblebee’s Bottom is a scented candle that is fresh, floral and full of boundless energy – just like a bumblebee in summer!

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With the aroma of sweet apple blossom and freesias softly wrapped around a patchouli base scent, Bumblebee’s bottom is a scent that will freshen your room and energise it time and time again! It has a wonderful light floral fragrance that will remind you of summer afternoons and wildflower meadows combined with the soft fluffiness of Bumblebees’ fur.

Made from premium quality fragrance oils combined with a 100% natural blend of beeswax and sustainably-sourced creamy soy wax for a super-clean burn, this candle will make any room feel effortlessly stylish and elegant.

Hand-poured here in our Suffolk studio into a reusable glass votive jar, it will give a burn time of around 24 hours. We produce our candles in small batches only, which allows us to give more time and dedication to candle quality.

Why beeswax?
Beeswax is an amazing wax for candles as it produces very little soot and has an ultra-clean burn. It produces negative ions which cling to dust particles in the air and drag them down so that it actively purifies the air in the room it is placed in.
Beeswax is a naturally occurring product that honeybees make a surplus of each year and then discard in favour of making fresh new wax.

Why mix it with sustainable soy wax?
Whilst beeswax is great for a clean candle burn, it doesn’t hold scent terribly well, so we mix it with soy wax (paraffin and paraben-free) to ensure that the fragrance adheres to the wax. The addition of beeswax also gives longer burn times than pure soy wax candles would provide.

If you’re looking for a pure unscented beeswax candle – take a look at our rolled beeswax candles!