Suffolk Lime Runny Honey


Light, fragrant and sweet. Honey from the local lime trees with a fascinating slight minty edge.

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When the Lime Tree (aka ‘Linden’) blossoms, the bees go bonkers! Bumblebees and honey bees alike go crazy for the nectar of this tree blossom, which produces a light honey that is fragrant and sweet. Its taste has a distinctive menthol edge to it which is refreshing. It crystallises at a medium rate. It’s very good for sore throats and coughs during the winter months. This honey is said to help improve liver function.

A fragrant, sweet and minty flavour!

Lime trees can be pretty hit and miss over if they produce nectar each year – they’re very choosy as to when they do and the conditions have to be just right. Because of this we don’t get a Lime harvest every year, so it sells out very quickly when we do.