Suffolk Borage Runny Honey


Our very special light and lively borage honey. The bees’ favourite!

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Borage Honey (aka ‘Starflower’) is often described as one of the most exquisite of honeys. Bees tend to work Borage in preference to anything else when it is in bloom as the flower replenishes its nectar supply incredibly quickly and it will keep producing nectar all day long. Borage honey is a very light colour, also described as a ‘white’ honey. The taste is also very light, with citrus notes of orange and lemon. A perfect match with herbal teas, or drizzled onto porridge or natural yoghurt.

A light, lively and fruity honey!

Please note that as honey is a variable product depending on annual forage availability and bee activity the colour of our honey may vary from batch to batch.