Beeswax Sandwich Baggies


Number Eighteen beeswax food wraps and baggies are eco-friendly and incredibly useful. Great for wrapping your food to keep it fresh, they are naturally anti-bacterial and can be used again and again! Simply wipe-clean with a damp cloth and re-use.

Lasts for up to a year and can either be composted, used as natural firelighters or refreshed with our Beeswax Wrap Refresher Kit!

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Quickly pop salad or a sandwich into this square 25 x 25cm pre-formed beeswax baggie and go!

Salads stay fresh all day, sandwiches are kept fresh and secure, pies, nibbles, crisps, cheese, vegetables, tomatoes, you name it – if it’s cooked and cold it can be kept  fresh and contained in our Beeswax Baggies.

Bag it : Wash it : Re-use it.